If I had a nickel every time I heard someone say “Catholics aren’t Christian, they worship Mary”…. I’d be a very rich woman.  Although I was raised Catholic, I learned about other religions and attended other churches before I came back home.  Growing up in an area where 90% of population is Southern Baptist, it was really hard for me to defend my religion.  I began to question if I was Catholic because I really wanted to be or because my family was Catholic.  I finally found my way back home and even converted a few friends along the way… People only ask stupid questions because they don’t understand.  Some people call Catholicism a cult.  Well, isn’t one definition for the word “cult” a group of people with the same beliefs?  In that case, I guess we are…

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2 thoughts on “Catholicism

  1. I would say that in a true "cult" one is not able to think for themselves and is rather brainwashed. I know our Priest invites our questions in order to find the truth. Our religion can stand this questioning and no brainwashing is required…so that's what I would say to those that think Catholicism is a cult.
    My big pet peeve is when I feel people quickly sum me up into their preconceived notions of what they think a Catholic is. Sadly, some fellow Catholics even do this. I wish we could all just see each other with the eye's of Christ.

  2. Seeing as we can trace our roots back to a small cult of Jews in the 1st century AD, as opposed to our Protestant friends whose cults go back some 500 years (or our New Age friends, whose cults go back some months) I'd say that we aren't doing too bad for a cult. Of course, sociological definitions are all different for cults, religions, sects, all that stuff. Cults generally don't have sects, whereas religions do.I had to deal with the Mary stuff in high school. "Don't y'all worship statues? Gol' dern Cathlicks."

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