Truth responses for Paxton

1. What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a teacher.  I used to create “tests” for my younger sister and brother.  I had a chalkboard that I made them do math problems on too.  I would get all excited about getting new school supplies every year.  In fact, I am still obsessed with pens and office supplies…

2. How close did you get to being that thing you wanted to be?

I went to college and majored in elementary education. I took a few cool classes that showed you how to teach basic math skills in a non-traditional way for students that maybe don’t think the same way as most kids, like lattice multiplication, etc.  I took time off from school to deal with family issues.  I had every intention of returning, but things don’t always go as planned so I never got a degree.  Now, I’m a senior analyst in the Risk Management area of a bank.  By being in a leadership role, I am able to mentor or coach somewhat and I enjoy facilitating training sessions.  So, I’m not really close to what I wanted to be, but I do love my job.

3. Are there parts of your childhood dream you’re still working on/holding out hope for?

I’ve given up on being a school teacher… but I love kids and I also wanted to be a mother.  I still want to be a mother and I hope that someday that dream will come true.  The kids in my pictures are my step-nieces and nephew.  My mom has guardianship and she and my stepdad are raising them.  There is long story there, but basically the kids weren’t being taken care of and when social services came in, my mom drove cross country to get them.  Having the kids close by makes me want a child even more.

4. Now that you are grown up, what do you want to be when you grow up?

I don’t want to grow up anymore!  : )  I’ve been too serious and grown up for the majority of my teens and 20s.  Now that I’m going to be 30, its time to be a kid again…

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