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QotD: Never Going Back Again

What’s been your worst experience at a restaurant?

A few years ago there was this place called Chuck ‘Em.  My husband, two friends and I decided to try it out one night.  The place was fairly empty, but they had only been open a few weeks.  So we sat there waiting quite awhile before the waiter finally greeted us and took our drink order.  He was real flighty and we could barely understand a word he said.  After we ordered it took FOREVER to get our food… our waiter was nowhere to be found.  One of our friends actually went up to the bar to ask if our waited had died or what.  We’d see him every now and then peek around the corner from the kitchen.  The food was kinda cold, but not horrible.  The waiter never refilled our drinks, it was like he was on crack or something.  Needless to say the place didn’t stay open very long.  Months later we were at the Melting Pot and as we were leaving we noticed the same guy was working there… no joke!

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