Google Image Meme

“The idea is that you plug the answer to each question into the
Google Images search engine, then post one of the photos on the first
results page.”

Looks like fun… thanks Pax!

Here are mine:

1. How old at next birthday.

2. A place I want to visit.

3. My favorite place.

4. My favorite object.

Yes, I have a fetish…

5. My favorite food.

Never met a cheese I didn’t like!

6. My favorite animal.

This Yorkie isn’t as cute as my Fergie…

7. My favorite color.

8. Where I was born.

Actually Fayetteville, NC… as much as I hated living there, I appreciate the men & women of the military fighting for our freedom.

9. Where I live now.

10. Name of a past pet.


When I was little I had a duck named Fluffy… she looked nothing like this!

11. Name of a past love.

Let’s just say I’m getting old and I don’t do tequila anymore.

12. Best friend’s nickname.

Best friend Lindsey… Linds is apparently a brand of bowling shoe.

13. My blog alias name.

14. My first name.

15. My middle name.

My middle name is Marie.  Marie Louise was the second wife of Napoleon.

16. My last name.

My last name is DiTore.  Koha Ditore is a newspaper in Kosovo.

17. My worst habit.

I can be pretty lazy and unmotivated at home.

18. My first job.

19. My grandmother’s name.

My Nana (Helma) is from Germany where the Wilhelma Zoo is located.

20. My college major.

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