Christmas Fun

This year we decide
d to have a little bit of fun with the kids' Christmas card.  These kids love to dress up and they love their picture taken. 

Our Christmas tradition:  After dark on Christmas Eve we all go for a ride to look at lights (and Santa's sleigh or Rudolph's nose in the sky).  While we are out, Santa comes!  When we get back home there are gifts in front of the tree, stockings are full, cookies and milk are gone.  Our whole family left the house together and locked the doors on the way out.  I believed in Santa till I was almost a teen.   We know  the meaning of Christmas, but the innocence of kids who believe in Santa is delightful, it makes the joy of Christmas that much better.  So, we decided to follow our old traditions with the nieces and nephews this year.  While Grandma, Grandpa and the kids were out for their ride, my husband Cru and I went over to put out the gifts, etc.  Cru actually dressed up as Santa (without the beard, just the suit).  As they pulled up in the drive way, Cru was bent over at the front door.  The kids saw the red suit and began screaming "He's here!" and "I see Santa!".  They ran up to the house as Cru ran out the back door.  Once in the living room the kids forgot about Santa, they were distracted by all the new bikes and toys under the tree.  Cru jumped the fence and dropped the costume around the side of the house. He and I came in the side door, the kids never suspected.  It probably helps that they are only 2, 3, 4 and 5, but it was great.  : )

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