Vox Hunt: Work It

Show us your job.

My official title is Supervisor of Fraud & Risk Control – Loss Prevention Services, which is a division of the Risk Management department of a bank.  Basically, our department analyzes and monitors accounts.  We deal with all kinds of fraud – counterfeits, forgeries, identity theft, internet scams, etc.  I absolutely love my job, sometimes it can be overwhelming, but I enjoy the challenge.  I have a passion for what we do and I find the job very rewarding.  I’ve been in the department for like six years and I don’t see myself going anywhere… like the people and the company.

Today was one of our analysts’ 40th birthday.  We decked out her cube in black streamers and had a chocolate cake with black balloons and a black crow.  We have a small group (less than 15 people), we all wore black today to mourn the loss of her youth…

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