Liar Liar

So I got my car fixed and had to go back to get the alignment done because it wasn't done when all of the other body repairs were done.  I had noticed earlier there was nail in one of my tires, so we asked about plugging the tire.  They told us that it couldn't be fixed, if they removed the nail we'd have to get a new tire.  My husband realized that the button on the driver's side door to roll down the window on the passenger side did not work.  (The passenger door was replaced after my accident).  They swore that it had nothing to do with replacing the door, too much of a coincidence in my book cause it worked fine before the accident.  Anyway, my stepdad is a mechanic, has his own shop.  We took the car to him to look at the tire.  He removed the nail and fixed it, no problem.  We took the car back to the place doing the alignment because the car was still pulling to the side.  They checked it out again… then they came out to tell us they removed the nail and fixed the tire.  Really?  Lie right to our faces!!  They didn't do anything with the nail, it was already removed before we took the car back!  Then we ended up taking the car to the dealership to get the window fixed and wouldn't you know all they had to do was reset it since the door had been replaced!  Seriously… I can't believe it.  This is exactly why people hate dealing with these people, they lie!

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One thought on “Liar Liar

  1. I hate taking my car to the mechanic. I'm not automotively inclined, and I always wonder if they're taking advantage of me. You're lucky to have someone in the family who can look at these things for you.

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