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QotD: In My Handbag

Here’s one for the ladies:  What’s in your handbag right now?

Submitted by Kadeeae.

Recently, I went shopping for a new bag.  I’m always drawn to the small bags that don’t hold much, they’re just so much cuter.  Anyway, my mom, sister and friends are always telling me that I need to get a “big girl” purse.  So, I picked up a nice big green (very close to Jim Henson’s Kermit) bag.  I’ve used for a week so far.  Since it’s so much bigger than my other bags, I’m actually carrying around a lot more crap than I usually do…

Ok, so you can see I have my planner still in the bag because it wouldn’t fit on the table:

  • wallet
  • glasses *now required to drive*
  • clear fingernail polish
  • keys – notice the gym tag that rarely gets used
  • a pen – can you believe just one?!
  • paint samples – planning on painting downstairs
  • Blistex Lip Infusion – I’m addicted to the stuff
  • scrunchy – to pull my crazy hair out of face
  • gum
  • tampon – in case of a surprise visit
  • raisins – never know when you need a snack
  • Bed Head After Party – to refresh my locks; the bottle is kinda phallic don’t you think?
  • water bottle – gotta stay hydrated
  • an orange – stress reliever
  • book I’m reading
  • ID badge for work
  • Blackberry – my lifeline

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