Trip to Charleston, SC

So, I've finally got pictures uploaded from my camera.  For our summer vacation this year, we decided to drive down to Charleston, SC.  We spent three days there just relaxing and taking tours.  We walked around downtown, checking out all of the shops.  We did a little wine tasting, planned on picking up a bottle we liked before we left but completely forgot!  We took an hour carriage tour with Bud & Sissy (the mules) and then a 1.5 hr harbor tour on the Carolina Girl. On the carriage tour, our guide told us about the many fires that seemed to burn most of the churches in Charleston.  A smart ass in the back of the carriage asked what caused all the churches to burn down.  With a straight face our guide said "Fire, mostly fire".  It was interesting to learn about some of Charleston's history.  On the carriage tour we passed this place:

Now, my husband's name is Cru and he is also a big 80s rock fan… notice the cross street "Motley Ln"… think Motley Crue…  Needless to say we just had to come back to Cru Cafe for lunch.  We only had sides and an appetizer, but the seared ahi tuna was phenomenal.  It's kind of small, basically the kitchen & living room of a house turned into a dining area.  We learned the "cru" means "fresh" in French.  Ha!  We highly recommend this place.

One night we went to California Dreamin' on the Ashley Marina.  The restaurant is a chain, and the food is okay.  The atmosphere is what made dinner great.  There are huge windows so anywhere you sit you have a perfect view of the marina.  This particular night it began to rain and there was thunder and lighting.  We probably could have sat and watched for hours.  The next night we had dinner with friends that moved to Charleston after they were married last year.  It was good to see them. 

One day we went to Mt Pleasant (just outside of Charleston) to visit Boone Hall Plantation.  It is supposedly the most photographed plantation in the US.  Several movies were filmed there, The Patriot and The Notebook (one of my favorites).  We were a little bit disappointed in the tour of the house, you only get to see about four rooms.  Since the owners still reside there part time, you aren't allowed to take any pictures inside either.  The row of trees coming up to the house are gorgeous, you'll think of the running scene in Forrest Gump when his braces come off – but Forrest Gump wasn't filmed there.  There are original slaves cabins and a Gullah theater where stories are told.  It was incredibly hot when we were there but surprisingly cool at the dock house.  I don't know why I like these pictures, but I do.

I also took some pictures at the butterfly pavilion.  The last day we decided to drive down to St. John's Island to the Angel Oak tree.  This tree is over 1400 years old.  It was amazing, the pictures don't do it justice.

Angel OakIMG_0827IMG_0833IMG_0839IMG_0831

After the few days in Charleston we drove up to Calabash to see the in-laws, spent some time at Sunset Beach.  Then, for the last two days of the trip we continued up Hwy 17 and went to see my sister in Beaufort.  My sister's boyfriend is the first mate on a charter fishing boat, Cru was able to go out with him and a small charter.  The water was extremely choppy that day and most of the boats couldn't get past the inlet.  Captain Buddy took them out about 40 miles.  They said the waves were 8-10 ft high, but they caught a lot of fish!

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