Oktoberfest ’08

We’ve been going to Helen, GA for the Oktoberfest celebration for the last 10 yrs.   It runs from the middle of September to the beginning of November.  We always go the first week.  This year was a little bit different.  A few days before we were going to leave, my Nana had a freak accident.  A ceiling fan in her house was making a weird noise so she reached up to pull the chain and turn it off.  The damned thing came flying out of the ceiling and crashed down on her face!!  It knocked her out and she couldn’t see, there was blood everywhere.  One of eyes was all swollen and she couldn’t even open it.  The whole side of her face was bruised.  But of course, Nana wouldn’t miss the Oktoberfest.  So, seven adults, five kids and one dog packed up and drove two vans, one car and two motorcycles the eight hour trip.

Our favorite polka band Pros’t was there, along with Lorelai and Schatzi.  We had a good time, but there weren’t as many people at Festhalle as there have been in the past.  Don’t know if that’s because of the hurricanes (there is one lingering around just about every year we go) or if the economy or gas prices had something to do with it.  Anyway, my mom made the girls new dirndls which were adorable!

Cru danced with Brandi (so cute)!  No, that’s just Coke in Ali’s cup.  Brandi had to ‘prosit’ with her CapriSun.  Cameron had a blast tubing down the Chattahoochee.

IMG_1018Ali looks like a doll.Brandi showing off her missing toothIMG_0939IMG_0940IMG_0905IMG_0897IMG_0910Cameron having funCrystina is growing upIMG_0978

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