Question of the Day

Qotd: Hearing Things

What sound can’t you stand?

Actually, there are quite a few sounds that drive me crazy…

  • That awful mucus gathering throat sound!  Its the sound guys (and some girls) make when they are getting ready to hock a loogey.  Just hearing it makes me gag.
  • Nail clipping!  This shoud NEVER be done in public, only in the privacy of your own home – preferrably in the bathroom with the door shut.  I work in a cube environment and there is someone that clips their nails constantly!  That just makes me cringe, I start picturing nail clippings flying all over the place.
  • And, speaking of work there is a girl a few cubes away that laughs like a hyena!  I don’t know what is so funny in that department, but she is ridiculous.  One day I was tempted to walk over and strangle her!

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