Culture QotW: Call Me Old Fashioned…

What "old fashioned" cultural behavior do you wish still existed in these modern times?

Home cooked dinner as a family.  Growing up we spent most of our dinners at the table together without the TV on. Most nights my mom made dinner, we rarely ordered take out or got fast food.  In fact, my mom made us appreciate what we had too.  Once every few months or so we'd have a "old times" night.  We'd cook on the wood stove potato soup or something (we lived in a house built in the 1800s and my mom loves antiques).  No electricity was used, except for taking food out of the fridge or freezer I guess : )  Anyway, we'd have dinner (by candlelight if it was already dark out) and then for the next few hours we'd read or play games.  No TV or video games.  Those days were actually quite fun.  

Nowadays families don't eat dinner together.  The kids get some microwaved mac & cheese and everybody is doing their own thing, rarely even in the same room.  My husband and I have been really bad about eating in front of the TV lately.  And, we've been eating dinner out more than we should.  Now we're trying to cook dinner at home, sit at the table and enjoy each other's company without interference of the boob tube.  When we have kids, I want them to have good memories of family time together…

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