13 Things

13 I Have to Have

  1. I have to wear a watch everyday or I feel naked.
  2. If I am out of conditioner, I don’t leave the house.
  3. I have a hard time going without some kind of caffeine (longest I’ve been able to go without is 40 days for Lent).
  4. I refuse to write with a chewed up pen or one that is missing the top.
  5. I will not wear jeans that don’t have back pockets.
  6. It’s not right to eat Mexican food without sour cream.
  7. If we are going out of town or on a trip, I like to have some kind of plan.
  8. I don’t know how we enjoyed TV before DVR.
  9. If cheese is an option, I want it.
  10. Ice cold water, not room temperature.
  11. I can’t brush my teeth until I wet the toothbrush.
  12. I often have to change the purse I use.
  13. I have to hear “I love you” from my husband before I go to bed and before I hang up the phone.

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