Lady Isa”bella”

It's been almost a year since our beloved 10 yrs old Yorkie, Fergie, passed on.  We've missed her so much.  Lately we'd been thinking on getting another dog.  The house is too quiet, we're missing something.  So, we've been looking on craigslist, visiting the shelters and SPCA, looking for the right dog for us.  We'd know when it felt right.  Last weekend we went to visit the in-laws.  Needless to say, we ended up coming home with this adorable little miniature schnauzer.   My husband, who really wanted a bigger "man's dog", just feel in love with her.  She's so cute and playful.  Now, we have work on training (for us) since it's been so long since we've had a puppy, puppy.  She's 4lbs, very smart and she looks like a little granny.  Bella will never take the place of Fergie, but we love her just as much.

1.26.09 0491.26.09 048

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