Snow Day

Usually when the meteorologists call for snow in Raleigh, nothing happens. Well, this time they got it right. Snow and freezing rain has been coming down for the last two days. About 4-5 inches have accumulated. Good thing we had plenty of food because we’ve been snowed in. I made homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch yesterday and chipotle chili (with a few too many peppers) for dinner .

I’ve realized in these last few days that our generation is way too electronic obsessed! My husband’s nephew stayed with us so that he wouldn’t have to be stuck at school alone all weekend. Every so often I realized that each one of us was either on a computer, playing with the iPhone or watching TV. This went on most of the day! Finally, I suggested that we play some good ol’ fashioned board games. We played a good round of Monopoly and then everyone went right back to the electronics! Oh well…


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