Chick Flick

Dear John

Wow… what a great day!  Three of my best girlfriends and I had Mexican for lunch then went to see a wonderful, tear-jerker Nicholas Sparks chick flick – Dear John.  Now, I had recently read the book, so I knew what to expect, but this movie was awesome.  I adore Nicholas Sparks and good emotional cry movies.  The last few books that I read that were turned into movies were a little disappointing – Nights in Rodanthe, My Sister’s Keeper.  Of course the book is always going to be better, but at least they usually try to keep the script in line with the book.  Anyone who saw My Sister’s Keeper, would think it was great, but the ending wasn’t even close to that of the book!  Anyway, I thought that Dear John was pretty darn close.  And Channing Tatum is just adorable.  I wouldn’t have picked Amanda Seyfried, but it worked.

I am so glad that I got to spend some good quality girl-time with some of my closest friends.  I would love to start doing this at least once a month!  Although we may need to change it up and do some romantic comedies in place of the tear-jerkers…


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