Question of the Day

QotD: Change for the Better?

We all have something we’d like to change about ourselves. Inside or out… what would you change if you could?

Of course there are several things I would change on the outside, lose weight for one.  But, that’s really something I can do on my own, I just need to get motivated.  Other than that, I’ve always wished I was of another ethnicity.  Not because I don’t like being German-Irish, I’m just not real fond of all my freckles.  Several times I’ve wanted to dye my hair black but that’s just not going to work with freckles!  And, I have pale skin that burns very easily.  I wish that I could have pretty dark olive skin, Polynesian or Indian.

Now, for the inside… other than having the motivation to lose weight, I wish that sometimes I was more confident in public, speaking my mind and giving my 0pinion more freely.  As I’ve gotten older, this has become easier, but sometimes I still hold my tongue just to keep the peace or avoid confrontation.  I’m pretty comfortable and happy with who I am and I know why I believe what I believe, its just that sometimes I’d rather not have to debate it with people that don’t understand or people that can’t or won’t open their minds to even listen to someone that doesn’t agree with them.  I get so frustrated that I have a hard time saying what I really want to say.


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