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QotD: If you were guaranteed an honest response, what would you ask?

This question reminds me of a movie I recently watched, The Invention of Lying.  The movie is about world that’s exactly like it is today – with only one exception – everyone always tells the truth. And, on top of that, they speak their feelings without keeping anything to themselves. You’d think a world where every tells the truth all the time would be a wonderful place…

As the movie goes on, you realize that this world could really become annoying. Do you really want to hear what everyone is feeling at every moment? Well, if you want to, there are several people on Facebook that feel the need to give you a play by play every few minutes :)

Anyway, one citizen of this world discovers that he can actually tell a lie and he begins to test it out. Of course his first lie involves money, lying to get rich… In my opinion, there is way too much of that going on these days!

So, this guy also starts using his ability to lie to actually make people feel better and have hope. It’s interesting how the invention of lying correlates to religion. It’s really not subtle at all… “the man in the sky” is responsible for good & bad things that happen; he also has rules that will determine if you get a mansion when you die or not.

This movie goes where no movie has gone before. I am Catholic and I found the movie to be amusing and thought provoking, but I could also see where some Christians may find it to be offensive. I think it all depends on how comfortable you are in your own beliefs…

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