Chick Flick

The Ultimate Gift

This movie, with a terrific cast (Drew Fuller, James Garner, Abigail Breslin), had a wonderful message based on the book The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall.   A rich grandfather dies and the whole family is only concerned with how much money they get in the will.  Unfortunately,  there are greedy people out there like that.  There was absolutely no concern or even a thought about his passing.  Almost as though they were happy about it.  The grandfather set up a series of tasks for his  grandson, Jason,  to complete before receiving “the ultimate gift”.  At first, Jason is stubborn but he befriends a sick girl, Emily, and finally learns several lessons that end up making him a better person who chooses to give to others.  There is a part of the movie when he is imprisoned in Ecuador that doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the story, but overall I think it was a good, inspiring movie.  Rather than just one ultimate gift, there are several – work, friends, family, problems, learning, laughter, love, giving, dreams, gratitude and the gift of a day.

So, how will you share the gifts, change your life and the world?  Check out the website for more information on the book, movie & the movement.


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