From the Mouths of Babes…

The three bears

I’ll never forget once my mom told my brother something like “if you do that, you’re face will stay like that” and my brother (about 5yrs at the time) said “Yeah mom, now tell me the one about the three bears…”.

Another one from my brother – mom, trying to get him to say please.  “What’s the magic word?”.   My brother, without skipping a beat “Abracadabra!”

A few funnies from my 4 yr old niece Ali…

Ali: See my new brush? It’s magical.

(it was the kind you can fold up and put in your purse)

Me: What makes it magical?

Ali: It’s my cell phone too.

Me: Oh, really. Who can you call on it?

Ali: Um, everyone!

Me: Cool, so you have a good calling plan then.

Ali: Yep, and I can text too!

(she starts tapping the bristles)

Me: (cracking up)

I was playing with my nieces in the backyard and near the sandbox was a huge hole in the ground. I asked who dug the hole and why. Ali looks at me and says “Tina is digging to China! If she makes it out in China I’m going to go after her!”

For her birthday Ali wanted an ironing board and an iron that sizzles.  She got the whole maid’s cart with a mop, broom, dustpan, bucket, spray bottles and cleaning clothes.  I asked her when she could come over and clean my house.  She said I could make an appointment for Wednesday and I could pay her in cookies.  :)

And another one from Ali… we had spent all day at the beach,  Ali had said that her ear hurt and she barely ate her dinner.   As we were getting ready to have cupcakes to celebrate my 1 yr old niece Heidi’s birthday, Ali pipped up and said “things that hurt like cupcakes, a cupcake will make me feel better”.

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