The Most Wasteful Thing I Do Each Day

Portable Electronics Orgy

The most wasteful thing I do every day is mess with electronics. A typical day starts with the alarm clock on my cell phone going off. After my shower as I’m getting ready for my work, I may check Twitter or take a turn on Words with Friends on my iPhone. At work, I pop my phone into portable speakers and start Pandora radio. Most of my day is spent on the computer with dual monitors. And, for most of my phone calls I use a wireless headset. As I walk across the parking lot to my car after work, I’ll check my phone again for a text message or email. Then I plug my iPod into the car stereo. When I get home, my husband has the HD LED flat screen TV on and sometimes we may watch a BluRay or stream a movie from Netflix. Occasionally, we may do some yoga or play a game on the Wii. Then jump on the computer to check Facebook, Plinky or post something to my WordPress blog before going to bed.

What on earth would we do if I had to go a day without using electronics or technology!?

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