13 Things

13 Things That Make Me Happy

  • Friends are there to lend an empathetic ear, a supportive shoulder, a contagious laugh…
  • Good Food coupled with good friends, nourishes the body, mind & soul…
  • Laughter makes life more enjoyable and it helps with digestion!
  • Family can’t be chosen but the bond can’t be broken either
  • Books take a journey to another world without even leaving the couch.
  • Color affects moods and promotes creativity.
  • Office Supplies make work more fun and increases productivity!
  • Bella puppy love is unconditional and she’s always excited to see me.
  • Music speaks the words you’re unable or unwilling to say aloud.
  • Butterflies prove with a little hope and determination you can become something beautiful
  • Marriage is a commitment to spend the good & bad times with someone you love, strengthening the bond as the years go by…
  • Massages are the best way to relax and free the mind
  • Root Beer Floats remind me of childhood, a time when life was simple

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