What I’d Do With a Million Dollars

Oh boy, I’ve thought about this a lot! First of all, I’d pay off our debt. My husband and I have dreamed about designing our own house (if we ever had the money to do it) so that’s what I’d do next. Nothing too lavish or outrageous, just perfectly designed to suit us.

I haven’t been fortunate enough to do much traveling so next I’d like to take a trip to an island and a trip to Europe – Germany, Italy & Ireland would be my top choices.

Next, I’d want to pay it forward…

My mom has always sacrificed to give someone else what they needed (even if it wasn’t really “needed”). After my siblings and I were adults she took in four children to keep them from being split up in foster care because social services was taking them from their home; the young mother was being charged with neglect. At the time they were 3, 2 and 13 months (two months later she also took in the newborn, 5 days old). At the time, the kids didn’t have shoes, had never had a Christmas tree or a birthday party. Just having food in the house was a change for them.

Fast forward five years later and my mom has custody of  the kids and you’d never guess that they were  ever in need of anything. Mom has the biggest heart and I don’t think  she gets as much respect and appreciation as  she deserves. I’d want to  build her a bigger house and  free her of all her debt. She’s been putting “band-aids” on her old mini-van just to get by, so I’d buy her a new SUV too.

There are a few other friends & family I’d like to help too. And, of course I’d give a bunch to charities – specifically those that help with hunger, child abuse & neglect and domestic violence.

I actually like my job so I don’t know that I’d quit right away, but then again it would be nice to just do volunteer & non-profit work. I wouldn’t need a lot of money to live happily ever after, but it sure would be nice to have money put aside to be able to have dinner out or take trip when we wanted.


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