Three Countries I'd Like to Visit

What Three Countries Would You Like to Visit?

Dingle Harbour, Kerry, Ireland

Ireland – This is a top choice for both my husband & myself. I’m part Irish (the reddish hair & freckles give it away) but that’s on my biological dad’s side, I really don’t have any contact with him/relatives. The lush, green countryside is breathtaking. I would thoroughly enjoy spending some time in a local pub, listening to some great Irish music and staying in an adorable little cottage or bed & breakfast.

Germany – Also a part of my heritage… my Nana is “straight-off-the-boat” German :) I would love to visit her homeland just to understand where she came from. Almost every year (for the last 10) we’ve attended the largest Oktoberfest in Helen, GA – the largest in the states – and we have a blast. The ultimate trip would be to attend the original Oktoberfest in Germany. Prost!

Italy – My husband is Italian and it’s our favorite food! I think a trip to Italy would be so romantic… the wine, the food, the language… wonderful!

Of course, there are a ton of other places I would love to see…

A few that top the list… Japan, Australia, Belize, Dubai, India, Greece, Prague… I may never actually make it to any of these places, but that won’t stop me from dreaming :) A goal for 2011 is to start with interesting places right here in the states.

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