A Memorable Job Interview

So, about ten years ago I was working for a bank in a small town. I applied for a job in another bank (smaller bank, locally based) in the “city”. First of all, let’s just say I’m not the best at interviews… I get nervous, cotton-mouthed, sweaty, the whole bit. But, this one was going pretty well…. Until… I get up to leave. Apparently, I had my legs crossed under the table for too long, because as I try to stand up my legs start wobbling and I start to go down. Luckily, the interviewer grabbed my arm or I would have eaten the floor! It was extremely embarrassing… but it apparently didn’t affect their impression of me because I got the job! And next month will be my 10 year anniversary with the company. I didn’t stay in that particular position for too long, but I was able to move into another department which I love.

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