Dreaming of Faceless People

Do you ever have those really odd dreams that you just can’t get out of your head?  I had one of those last night.  So, here’s the story:

Someone had invited me to a party.  This party turned out to be a “coming out” party where the host announced that she was a lesbian.  At the party, she made a point to tell me that her sister was pregnant (about 2 months) and she was unable to keep the baby.  Basically, she was hoping that I would be willing to adopt the baby.  Now, all of this was just too much for me to take in at once.  Not that I have any issues with lesbians, but this person was clearly already married to a man – he was there, at the party and seemed pretty comfortable.   The thing is, I couldn’t tell you who these people were, because in my dream the faces kept changing.  Some of them were people I recognized, people I worked with, friends & family but then the face would change and it would somebody else.  I never got a clear picture of who the pregnant girl was either.  So, what was the meaning of this dream?


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