The Shadow Wife

Another great read from Diane Chamberlain.  At first, it took a little while for me to get into the story.  One of the main characters, Joelle (aka Shanti Joy Angel), grew up in a commune.  There were complications the day she was born.  A healer, Carlynn Shire, supposedly brought her back to life.  Joelle’s best friend Mara suffered an aneurysm while giving birth to her son Sam.  She’s now living in a nursing home with brain damage.  As the only other person that can understand her pain, Joelle turns to Mara’s husband Liam.  Their comforting of each other turns into something more.  While Liam tries to avoid Joelle, she makes every attempt to make Liam happy.   Although she doesn’t completely believe, she reaches out to Carlynn, in hopes of healing Mara.  It all sounds a little hokey, but it’s actually an intriguing story.  Towards the end, you realize that Carlynn has her own shocking secrets and healing comes in many forms.


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