Wocka Wocka Wocka

Which of the Muppets would you most identify with?

Oh, how I loved the Muppets! Growing up I had long blonde hair down my back and I had a habit of flipping over my shoulder. I could also be a little bossy to my younger siblings – we never really fought and I wasn’t mean, but I always tried to keep them in line and I was always the teacher when we played school. :) I guess that’s why sometimes they called me Miss Piggy.

We used to have a huge outdoor fish pond with tons of huge goldfish. Also in the pond there were lots of frogs and tadpoles. My sister was the one that named all of them, but somewhere along the way I became the frog lover. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any as pets and I don’t really want to touch them, but I think frogs are good luck. Maybe it’s the whole ‘kiss a the frog and he’ll turn into a prince’ fairytale. Kermit was such a calm, respectful little guy. He was a good, diplomatic friend, always trying to keep the peace – and he put with Miss Piggy’s rants. (As an adult, I have to wonder if maybe Piggy is bi-polar).

Even as a kid I knew something was seriously wrong with Gonzo. That dude was just plain crazy!

Now we can’t forget Fozzie Bear. He’s warm & fuzzy, just wanting to make people laugh. Poor guy just couldn’t catch a break. No matter how hard I try sometimes I feel like I just keep getting pelted by tomatoes too…

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