We’re Almost There…

imagesalmostAnother month has just flown by and I have to say this parenting thing (while not easy in the least) is starting to feel more and more natural.  We’re becoming more familiar with each other, which is great because we’re closer and really forming the family bond.  At the same time, as we get more comfortable we’ve also starting to get on each others nerves a little more.  You have to take the good with the bad… the “Facts of Life” theme song just popped in my head!  I’m not going to lie, we’ve had some rough days – there has been some yelling, some door slamming and some crying.  But, there have also been some really good open communication too.  It’s been a struggle for me because I’m the one that wants to talk things out and my two guys (the teen and the old dude) don’t like talking about how they are feeling they just lash out.  Honestly, most days the only issue we have is that they are too much alike!

indexA few weeks ago we had a birthday (still can’t believe I’ve fast-forwarded to be a mom of a 17 year old!).  We took three teenage boys to the lake for the day.  All day.  Water slides, water trampolines, kayaks and paddle boats… then they wanted to try cable wake boarding.  Now, did they listen to me when I suggested they take the 15 minute class on how to get up on the board first?  No, of course not!  I mean why on earth would they listen to reason?  I was outnumbered and wouldn’t you know they all crashed & burned the first time out… and the second… and the third.  I was proud that my son and my nephew didn’t give up after the first fail they did keep trying for awhile only to finally realize I was right.  By the way, I’m almost always right – except for the one time.  :-)

After the birthday there was a weekend camping trip.  I’m so grateful for my mom and nephew because I didn’t have a clue all what he needed for the trip or how to prepare and neither did he.  This was not your pop up a tent at the KOA campground camping mind you.  I’m talking no running water and dig a hole for a potty kind of camping – primitive camping with boy scouts in the mountains.  imageshjhNeedless to say I wasn’t going!  This was the first time he’d be away for the weekend since moving in and honestly I was a little worried.  Luckily there weren’t any issues (other than it rained and they had a huge trash bag full of wet clothes to deal with when they got back).  They had a great time but my kid, who loves the outdoors, wasn’t quite ready for five mile hikes with all their gear and such.  I think he slept an entire day after he got back!

All in all, it’s been good.  It may sound weird, but I can actually see him growing up since he’s been here.  One of the workers gave us a disc of pictures from the last year and when I compare them to what he looks like now the change is remarkable.  We’ve all had to learn a little patience and understanding; constantly working on the open communication.  So, tomorrow begins the new school year.  This weekend we met his teachers and bought school supplies.  Those of you who know me know that I get all excited about school supplies, teenage boys… not so much.  But, I did find him a pretty cool planner and helped him get it organized, hoping it’ll help keep him on track this year.  Unfortunately, although we’ve finally signed the papers for the adoption petition, it won’t be final for a little while longer.  Luckily, the school was great about going ahead and letting him use his new last name in class from day one.  We’re in the home stretch… hopefully everything will be finalized soon.



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