Me… in a nutshell

… I have a pen fetish, actually I have a love of all office supplies – don’t ask, I don’t understand it either.

… Root beer floats make me feel like a kid again – oh, how I miss when life was simple!

… Music is a big part of my life, but I don’t really have a musical talent – unless you count my playing of the radio, CDs, and iPod  :)

… Before I die, (in no particular order)  I would like to ride in a hot air balloon, go para-sailing and become a mother

… I would love to visit Europe, but particularly Ireland, Germany or Italy

… I am the oldest of 19 grandchildren – yes, we’re Catholic!

… Some of my favorite memories are with friends & family around the dinner table, food has a way of bringing people together

… Cheese!  It’s what’s for dinner – never met a cheese I didn’t like :)

… I love the sun, but I burn very easily.  I’ve always longed for an olive complexion… and long, dark lashes too!

… Photos are fun, but I like to be the one behind the camera – I always end up looking like such a goof.

… Sometimes I wish I had more time to dance in the rain – how fun is that when you have nowhere to be and nothing but time.

… A lot of people miss out on getting to know wonderful people by judging them too quickly – I have a lot of diverse friends and I wouldn’t trade them for the world; they definitely make life more interesting.

… I can’t even draw a straight line with a ruler – go figure!

… Hospitals, nursing homes,  funeral homes –  I usually get nausea.

… I’m better at Wii bowling than the real thing, which is sad, really.

… I’ve realized that the older I get, the more I understand that my mother was  right – ABOUT EVERYTHING!!

… I may not be perfect, but I am always me – never felt the need to impress anyone but myself.


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